Zero Waste Pantry

by Tenne by OCD

  • Olive Oil Butter

    Spread on sandwiches, pair with cheese or eat on its own as a sweet taste for dessert. Contains: olive oil, glucose, invered sugar, pasturized yolks 200grams

  • Celery Vinegar

    Salty and sour flavor with the depth of celery. Best used with: salad dressing, barbecue sauce or as alternative to any white vinegar. Contains: celery and water. 100ml

  • Fermented Burnt Red Spice

    Smoky flavors, spicy and sour. Use with sandwiches, stews and other sauces and dressings. Contains: red pepper, garlic, salt. 100gram

  • Fermented Sweet Green Spice

    Spicy and garlic flavors that add a kick to any sandwich, raw fish and any sauce and dressing. Contains: green peppers, garlic, salt. 100grams

  • Schug Shmaltz

    Caramelized chicken fat and spices. Great for cooking or adding flavor for sandwiches. Contains: Chicken fat, fermented green spices, coriander, parsley, dill, garlic, salt. 100gram

  • Kimchi

    Eat like pickles, with fried rice, cook with chicken or shredded beef. Also works great for blended sauces. Contains: cabbage, carrot, daikon, scallions, ginger, garlic, red chili, buckwheat miso, salt. 200gram

  • Buckwheat Miso

    Great as a base for sauces, stews and baking sweets. Contains: Buckwheat koji and salt 200gram