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A Culinary Curation of the Israeli Desert

In this special collaboration, Kaiten and Asif - the culinary institute of Israel - have teamed up to share the products and stories of makers of the Israeli desert

What You Get

tastes from the desert

Products from 8 different makers including date molasses, olive oil, cheese, desert herbs, herbal teas and more


Limited edition photo filled print magazine with the stories behind the region and its makers

Shipments to Israel & the US start March 26th

The box is not Kosher certified

The Desert Box

Date Molasses Olive Oil Desert Herbs & Spices in Grinder Coffee Bean Mulled Cocktail Afik Beduin Cheese Crackers Herbal tea In Handmade wooden box

Mini Box

Date molasses Mulled Cocktail Afik Beduin Cheese Herbal tea

Add Ons

You can purchase a Desert Box with chef Shirel Bergers "Desert Fennel"

Why the Desert

Harsh conditions are inseparable from desert life. And still, for thousands of years many cultures have made their home there, cultivating a life and cuisine that thrives and sustains in the extremes. As feeding the world becomes more challenging with global warming, population growth and massive waste, researchers are turning to learn from those who have managed to feed and grow despite the challenges in the desert.

In this collection we set out to tell the story of local makers in the Israeli desert and what they produce from the land. It serves as a window to the traditions, techniques and flavors created and preserved by these makers and the cultures behind them. And most of all to inspire with what can be done even in the harshest of conditions.

Curators as Makers

What makes this collaboration special and important for us is the opportunity for us as curators to contribute as makers. Typically we serve as explorers and storytellers, focused on documenting and celebrating the people and crafts of the world. But sometimes to tell a wider story of a region or a culture, we need to walk you through a journey. To build an experience that touches all your senses and makes you feel like you just traveled somewhere far away without leaving your kitchen. That is where we get to craft an experience ourselves. Distilling the essence of a story, choosing the right products in the right order. Making hard choices of what to leave out, what deserves more space and what less. It's a painstaking process we take pride in and we feel brings us closer to the makers we document.

Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel's diverse and creative food culture. Through a library with 1500+ culinary books, revolving exhibitions, cooking workshops, a rooftop farm, and pop-ups hosted by local and international chefs, Asif will help document and articulate the evolving Israeli kitchen.

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What's Kaiten?

Kaiten is a platform where food lovers can connect with culinary artisans. We offer hand-picked products — with an emphasis on fair trade — crafted by makers from various regions, serving their distinctive touch to the Kaiten community. We believe that the positive and sustainable path of the evolving industry we love, relies on the genuine connections we build between quality and community.

Desert Box
Desert Box + Opa
Mini Box