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Discover and buy from amazing makers of food, wine, knives, ceramics and more from around the world.

All things dining

It’s not just food that we serve. It’s the entire experience around the table; spices, ceramics, knives, books, glassware, pantry items and more.

We’re here to add charm and delight to every culinary experience. From your morning coffee to a celebratory dinner.

Stories behind the makers

A product is nothing without intent. With the touch of your finger, discover the diverse backgrounds, processes and philosophies of the people who make up the Kaiten community.

Handpicked from all around the world

Great dining shouldn't be limited by borders. We are committed to continuously explore the globe with a curiosity for gifted makers and unique experiences to offer our users diverse flavors with the tap of the finger.

Bespoke chef Knives from
the sea of Galilee

Soy sauce from a 300 year
old distillery in Japan

Coffee & Tea roasted
from Japan to Columbia

you will always find something remarkable and unique

Sustainable Community

The food ecosystem relies on its thriving community of makers and food lovers.

Building a platform that invests in makers by offering them a wider reach of audience and no exploitative fees is our key ingredient to a sustainable and evolving community




Browse through a carefully curated selection of makers crafting quality products and memorable experiences.


When we find great makers, we do our best to get it to you from every corner of the world, even if they don’t deliver.

Good for the dining community

Every product experience is thoughtfully designed for you, lovers of the food world. Every purchase directly supports a maker. Together, we form a community.

Beyond just food

Discover lots of ways, big and small, to add joy to your dining experience - spices, pantry items, ceramics, knives, glassware, books and more.

Maker Profiles

An introduction between you and the maker, their product and their essence.


Immerse yourself in the empowering journeys of each maker and the process of their products.


We leverage our community of makers and eaters to create exclusive products

A Dose of Delight for Your Everyday

Good food is not just for special occassioan. Use Kaiten to find
ways to make more moments in you life a culinary joy.