Our Mission

To help great food makers anywhere build creative, sustainable and equitable businesses that delight food lovers everywhere.

The Challenge

The restaurant business model is dying. Already low profits are disppearing as labor costs, food costs and rent go up.

It’s harder than ever to for talented people to build great food businesses without diluting their products for ghost kitchens and delivery apps.

We believe there is another way. By helping makers reach wider audiences and giving them a supportive community and fair marketplace we can fuel the future of dining and be a counter balance to the market forces hurting the industry today.

There are
more great makers than ever

There are many ways to start a food business today. More tools, more knowledge and more diversity has made it possible for more people to start


Kaiten is a team of restauranteurs, food photographers, writers and just people who adore the industry and the people in it. We’re building Kaiten to protect and grow the industry we love.

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Dan Perez


Nic Mouchel


Danielle Cantor


Add some delight
to your everyday life

Good food is not just for special occassioan. Use Kaiten to find
ways to make more moments in you life a culinary joy.