Kaiten X Nura

Join a special lunch and guided tour throughout the surrounding nature of chef Nurit "Nura" Hertz's humble home in a small village in the Judean Hills.



Tour & Harvest (~1-1.5 hours)
8 Course Lunch (~1.5-2 hours)

                    Come prepared for a medium skilled hike with comfortable warm clothes and shoes. 

What's on the menu?

The tour will start in Nura's garden, where we will share a snack made from local herbs and vegetables Nura harvested especially for the occasion.

                From there, a stroll up to the forest, where we will get toknow the region's vegetation, the seasonal wild plants and their methods of use in the local kitchen.
                The tour will be followed by an intimate sit down lunch in Nura’s garden, serving dishes she cooked and prepared herself, based on seasonal and local produce. Beside your course meal you may enjoy an optional wine pairing with varieties from the neighboring vineyards. A specially designed limited edition magazine with information and photographs of the harvested plants and personal recipes by Nura, will be gifted to each member of the group.

About Nura

Tucked away, deep and cozy in the Judean Hills, just outside of an intense and energetic Jerusalem, lies a small agricultural village. There, a woman with octopus-like arms each reaching in a different direction: one is plucking mulberries from the fruitful tree in her backyard, one is harvesting indigenous plants and bundling them up into a bouquet, one arm is cooking lunch for her three children who just got home from school and the other is prepping for a private dinner she is hosting in the coming evening.

Nurit Hertz, known to many as Nura, gracefully dances between her yard, her kitchen and the open spaces of Moshav Mata, the village she calls home. With the assistance of her pocket knife, she collects the herbs and vegetables each season has to offer and creates potions of succulent flavors. Her food is inspired by the encounters her senses met while traveling throughout India, by the Mediterranean forest and by the traditional agricultural methods, living on till present day.

Cooking and serving is a spiritual experience she explains, It is a practice in which she can share her revelations with others. It is a craft that humbles her in the presence of inspiration, in the interactions with those behind the kitchen counter and in the stories accompanied to flavors.

Nura is a forager, an award winning chef, a mother and wife, a culinary guide, a businesswoman and the Sherlock Holms of ancient practices in the kitchen. With her acquired knowledge and discoveries she aims to build a bridge between the past and the present and between the various communities living in the region.

What you get

A Guided Tour

Walk through the nature of the area and learn about it's wild plants

Intimate lunch

Seasonal dishes from local produce made by Nura

Limited Edition Magazine

Recipes and the story behind Nura the harvested plants

What's Kaiten?

Kaiten is a platform where food lovers can connect with culinary artisans. We offer hand-picked products — with an emphasis on fair trade — crafted by makers from various regions, serving their distinctive touch to the Kaiten community. We believe that the positive and sustainable path of the evolving industry we love, relies on the genuine connections we build between quality and community.

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