Kaiten x Nuriel Forge

Hand forged near the Sea of Galilee, this knife is the perfect sidekick to any chef knife Available in limited quantities through Kaiten

What you get

Hand forged paring knife

70 mm of carbon steel from the point down to the butt


Limited edition photo filled print magazine with the makers story

Blood oranges

Sold Out

Freshly picked and ready to cut into

Shipped February 2023

Each knife has been hand crafted by Nuriel in his workshop located in a small town near the Sea of Galilee. While his custom and made-to-order knives typically have a months long waitlist, he’s made this limited series of paring knives especially for the Nuriel x Kaiten collaboration. Offering the Kaiten community an upgrade to their cooking experience.

A staple knife for every cook and a sustainable form of slicing. A paring knife for up close cuts, perfect for peeling and segmenting fruits and vegetables huddled in your hands, cleaning small fish, cutting firm-to-hard cheese crumble-free and marking that loaf of bread before forming it in the oven

About Nuriel

Nuriel’s love for steel and efficiency is rooted in his inseparable ties to food and family. Within the thriving kitchens he worked at in his youth, he patiently studied hearty flavors and the art of accuracy. Four years as a loyal line cook taught him to break down a whole fish in divinity, plate with grace and devote himself to the lengthy and learning process of precision.

From Line Cook to Bladesmith

After years of immersing himself in the craft of cooking, feeling ready to move on, he removed his chef's apron and replaced it with a worn-in leather apron, belonging to his late grandfather. A reverse progress, starting from the fine plated dish, marinating in the exercise of bladesmithing, and in a hopeful prediction, a future in which he tends to a garden of his own.
Nuriel's grandfather, once a blue collar entreprenuer, left behind heavy tools and a legacy worth perpetuating. Coming with fresh eyes, he picked up his grandfather's forsaken tools collecting dust in the corner of his small and endearing home and got to work.
His community stood by him in the process of growing. Giving him a call when unique tree branches were found laying on the ground or by supporting his business purchasing a blade for their own kitchens.
Nuriel's knives are a product of these legacy and community. Simultaneously continuing the journey started two generations before him and forging a new path foward. Today, he continues to refine his process and grow his business, adding tool and skills while keeping the intimate nature of his craft

What's Kaiten?

Kaiten is a platform where food lovers can connect with culinary artisans. We offer hand-picked products — with an emphasis on fair trade — crafted by makers from various regions, serving their distinctive touch to the Kaiten community. We believe that the positive and sustainable path of the evolving industry we love, relies on the genuine connections we build between quality and community.

Carbon Steel 70mm Knife Box