Kaiten x Stern-Licht Herbal Tonics

Create delicious cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with tonic syrups made from aromatic plants, citrus fruits and flowers harvested from Mount Gilboa and Negev Desert in Israel

What You Get

3 Bottles of tonic Syrup

Special hand crafted seasonal flavors to make over 100 drinks


Limited edition photo filled print magazine about the product and maker

Limited Edition Tonic Lollypop

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Made in collaboration with Hila Hochman * Only 15 in stock

Shipments start May 8th, 2023

More Than Just Gin & Tonic

Tonic can be formed by a variety of plants holding medicinal value. We usually think of tonic as an add-on to a cocktail, an item modeling the aisle-10 shelves at the grocery store or something told to drink on when we are sick. Naama’s herbal tonic on the other hand, will not be seen in a plastic bottle, produced in mass or even with quinine as an ingredient. Her tonic is a syrup made out of bitter and aromatic plants, citrus fruits and flowers all harvested locally. They are filled with unique flavors that can liven up any drink.

The Tonic Syrups

Each flavor comes as a syrup reading for mixing with your favorite alcohol or just sparkling water for a delicious fizzy drink.

Rosé ‘Cola’

A take on the original medicinal cola, this tonic is made with Syrah and Grenache grapes giving it a fruitful and caramelized flavor.

Grapefruit and Hibiscus

Made with the first pink grapefruits of the season and the last of the roselle hibiscus blooms along with juniper seeds, this fresh pink tonic is technically an alcohol-free G&T.

Autumn Sun

The sweet-fruity-floral aromas of this tonic are supported by a complex structure of botanicals, giving the syrup a pleasant bitterness to it.

Things to Know

Are these tonics alcoholic?
No, all the tonics are alcohol free.
What kind of drinks can I make?
Tonics make great mixers for different cocktails but they can also make a great non-alcoholic soft drink - just add sparking water.
How long do the tonics last?
After opening each bottle, keep them in the fridge. They are best for 1 month after opening.
When will I get my order?
Once it's shipped, orders should arrive within 5-10 business days
Can I pickup my order?
We currently only offer pickup from Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv.
Still have questsions?
Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About Naama

Naama Stern-Licht ditched the fluorescent lighted classrooms and her BA in economics and accounting, to pursue a masters at the University of Gastronomic Science. Since then, she has managed to run her own restaurant, beat cancer and leave the city hustle in favor of pastoral green landscapes and knowledge that comes with living in nature and working the land.

Nowadays she nurses a small business offering handcrafted tonics made from locally sourced plants. She is surrounded by a community of local makers trading and gifting one another their excess produce, creating a hopeful alternative to the mass production as seen on corporate shelves. Naama respectfully collects the land's vegetation, without greed and in constant connection with the climate. She is a one woman show that is made possible by an entire community. She is an example to makers all around, that the culinary sphere holds many different paths worth exploring.

What's Kaiten?

Kaiten is a platform where food lovers can connect with culinary artisans. We offer hand-picked products — with an emphasis on fair trade — crafted by makers from various regions, serving their distinctive touch to the Kaiten community. We believe that the positive and sustainable path of the evolving industry we love, relies on the genuine connections we build between quality and community.

All 3 Bottles
Autumn Sun + Rosé ‘Cola’
Grapefruit Hibiscus + Rosé ‘Cola’