David Zarbiv Passover Chocolates

A collection of unique chocolate treats made especially to please everyone around the dinner table

Sweetness for Everyone

David continues his tradition of making special packages for the holiday.
This years, he's brought a versatile collection spanning from the mature classics to vegan spreads and the sweet parlinés.
There's a memorable bite for everyone.

Handmade from Fine Ingredients

Each piece David makes is made by hand and from great ingredients. The fines he can find.

Crunch bars made with nutty fillings

Nut based spreads

English Toffee

Flavored marshmallow with praliné coating

Chocolate coated nuts

Sugared & coated citrus peels

What's in the Box

Snack Bars

Hazelnuts, Cashews, Pistachio

Parlinés Sticks

Corn, Hazelnut, Pecan

2 Spreads

Butter & Hazelnut (Vegan) 100 grams each

2 Marshmallows

Hazelnut & Pistachio Macha

English Toffee

100 grams

Coated Almonds

Lemon Poppy Seed, 100 grams

Sugared Orange and Mandarin Peels

Vegan, 85 grams

* Gluten Free, Kosher for Passover (no certificate)
Ships Starting March 29th
Too much? Try the Mini Box

Mini Box

Snack Bars

Hazelnuts, Cashews, Pistachio

2 Marshmallows

Hazelnut & Pistaccio

Hazelnut Spread

100 grams

English Toffee

Vegan, 100 grams

Sugared Orange & Mandarin Peels

Vegan, 85 grams

About David

David was drawn to the world of sweets from a young age. What once started as a hobby - experimenting in his kitchen - evloved into a focused passion for taking the highest quality ingredients and taking them to the extreme while maintaining his own distinct style.

Inspired by French chocolatiers, his choclates come with subtle flavors elevated from their ingredients.

Chocolate wasn't David's plan. But when he moved to Tel Aviv on his own he could only find a small 26 square meter (280 square feet) apartment he found himself with no room for a stove. Instead, all he had was a marble counter top and bowls of chocolate. So he started exploring the sweet world, traveling to Paris to get ideas and cultivating a style rooted in the classics but in a style all his own.

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Passover Chocolate Box
Mini Chocolate Box