Ika Chocolate x Gastronome Israel Sher

Inspired by the wide biodiversity of sweet and sour cherries found at the Matityahu Farm in the Upper Galilee, Israel, this collection explores the spectrum of flavor of cherries.

What you get

Handmade Cherry Pralines

A box of 9 different cherry varieties in chocolates and 1 pâte de fruit

Ships August 27th, 2023

The Cherry Praline Collection by gastronome Israel Sher and chocolatier Ika Cohen is inspired by the wide biodiversity of sweet and sour cherries found at the Matityahu Farm - a research station for deciduous fruit trees located in Upper Galilee, Israel. The development phase of the collection allowed Sher and Cohen to study more than 20 different cherry varieties which makes the Cherry Praline collection the first gastronomic work of its kind which presents a cross-section of fruit varieties.

The Cherry Praline Collection represents the biodiversity in Upper Galilee through nine crafted pralines highlighting nine different cherry varieties and one pâte de fruit

Royal Anne White Cherry

confiture seasoned with warm spices

Rainier White Cherry

marmalade on pistachio marzipan

Van Sweet Cherry

infused with coffee chocolate ganache

Regina sweet cherry

Pine Nuts marzipan with cherry aromatized with Damascus rose blossom

Chateau Morello Cherry

Chocolate ganache flavored with cherry liqueur and browned notes of enriched vanilla

Favorite Sour Cherry

ganache over marmalade and a pâte de fruit

Chios Sour Cherry

Chocolate ganache and cherry infused in 7-year-old brandy

Obleczynzka Sour Cherry

Almond marzipan marbled with cherry

Mahaleb cherry

Milk chocolate ganache seasoned with cherry aromatic almonds

Cherries & Chocolate

The combination between cherries and chocolate is a timeless classic. For their implementation in the Cherry Praline Collection, each selected cherry variety is processed using different methods and then combined under thoughtful craft with flavors that compliment them to emphasize their uniqueness. Some of the fruits were used to evoke classic confectionery in the pralines – confiture, marmalade, marshmallow and marzipan; while, for others, chocolate-type ganaches were paired with varying degrees of sourness and bitterness.

Things to Know

Where can I have the box delivered to?
We can deliver the chocolates anywhere in Gush Dan, Israel. Deliveries to Jerusalem on Mondays and Haifa on Wednesdays. Due to heat, someone MUST be home to accept the delivery.
Can I come pick up my order?
Yes, you can pick-up from Ika Chocolate located at Yad Harutsim St 11, Tel Aviv-Yafo during business hours.
How long do the chocolates last?
The choclates are fresh and best eaten immediately for the best experience. They can be stored in a cool shaded place until the end of September.
Are the chocolates vegan?
The 9 chocolate pieces are dairy, but the 1 pâte de fruit is dairy free.
Any allergens?
Yes, the chocolate contain or may contain nuts, gluten, dairy. If you have an allergy, please reach out to team@onkaiten.com.
Still have questsions?
Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About the Makers

Chocolatier Ika Cohen has been formulating meticulous sweets in her atelier in South Tel Aviv for 13 years. She is gifted with extraordinary subtlety when it comes to flavor combinations, and she distinguishes herself among chocolate artists who examine the tension between tradition and innovation. Notably Ika embodies this tension through her practice by designing bold geometric shapes in her pieces alongside combinations of textures that draw inspiration from the classical chocolatier discipline. Her chocolate and other confectionery creations are award winning in prestigious festivals all around the world.

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10 Piece Cherry Praline Box