The Perfect Gin & Tonic

Combining crafts from Japan & Israel to elevate a classic drink

The Gin & Tonic is an classic cocktail for a reason - it's simple to make and, done right, is refreshing and herbaceous. And with just 2 ingredients, elevating it takes picking the ones that both stand out on their own while blending together.

We've picked these bottles from two special makers that embody artisnal, local spirit because they are both great on their own and even better together.

What you get

KI NO BI Gin from Kyoto

Made by the Kyoto Distillery from Japanese local botanicals and tea from Uji. Comes in 700ml or 200ml bottles

Herbal Tonic Syrup from Israel

A sweet-fruity-floral aromas tonic made by Naama Stern Licht from a complex structure of Israeli botanicals with a pleasant bitterness

Available in Israel today

Launching in US and EU later this year

The aromatic plants, citrus fruits and flowers harvested from Mount Gilboa and Negev Desert in Israel meet the plants, citruses, herbs and green tea from Japan to create a cultural and botanical metling pot.
How to MixTake a glass, preferably high-ball, pour in the gin and tonic in a 1:2 ratio, pour in some soda and a splash of citrus juice - lemon or yuzu. Mix well, and enjoy.

Choose Your Gin

For this box set we've brought two of KI NO BI's signature gins.

In the large box set you'll find a 700ml bottle of KI NO TEA - a product created in collaboration with Uji based tea-grower and blender Hori-Shichimeien. Together they've selected a few super-premium Uji teas to for the heart of this gin.

For the small box we've put a 200ml bottle of classic KI NO BI dry gin made with their signature blend of yellow yuzu from north of Kyoto, bamboo, gyokuro tea from Uji and green sanshō berries.

Kaiten Gift Boxes

As a perfect gift to a loved one (or yourself), this set is available in Kaiten's signature boxes. Hand made from wood with a our bright covered removable sleeve, it's completely re-usable.

Things to Know

Where can I have the box delivered to?
This box delivers anywhere in Israel today and will ship to the US and EU later this year.
Can I come pick up my order?
Yes, you can pick-up from Northern Tel Aviv, please e-mail us to coordinate pickups.
How many drinks can I make?
Depending on your preference in ratio of gin, tonic and water or soda, you should have at least 30 glasses from the large set.
How should I store the tonic?
The tonic is best stored in the fridge and used within a couple of months.
Can I buy these products separately?
Yes, we will launch our open marketplace shortly where you can buy items separately. Until then you can e-mail us.
Still have questsions?
Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About the Makers

Inspired by tradition and distilled locally, The Kyoto Distillery is in the run to join the city’s collection of cultural achievements. Three incredibly gifted people; Noriko Kakuda Croll, David Croll and Marcin Miller, set out to study thoroughly and immerse themselves in the city’s history and craftsmanship to ultimately create one of the world’s finest gins, flavored with thought and intention.

Naama SternLicht, a gradute of the University of Gastronomic Science began her love affair with tonic at her own Tel Aviv restaurant. She began experimenting with raw quinine bark she got delivered from a vendor by preparing syrups for cocktails and mocktails that went on her menu. Her customers loved it. And over time she moved to be closer to the raw materials that would serve her own herbal tonic business.

What's Kaiten?

Kaiten is a platform where food lovers can connect with culinary artisans. We offer hand-picked products — with an emphasis on fair trade — crafted by makers from various regions, serving their distinctive touch to the Kaiten community. We believe that the positive and sustainable path of the evolving industry we love, relies on the genuine connections we build between quality and community.

Large 700ml Gin Bottle
Small 200ml Gin Bottle
Gin & Tonic Set