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Gin & Tonic Set

Combining crafts from Japan & Israel to elevate a classic drink.
The Gin & Tonic is an classic cocktail for a reason - it's simple to make and, done right, is refreshing and herbaceous. And with just 2 ingredients, elevating it takes picking the ones that both stand out on their own while blending together.
We've picked these bottles from two special makers that embody artisnal, local spirit because they are both great on their own and even better together.

  • Gin Volume

    Small 200ml or Large 700ml

  • Tonic Flavors

    Herbacious & Floral

  • Tonic Size


Large 700ml Gin Bottle
Small 200ml Gin Bottle

How many drinks can I make?

About 12 from the small and 35 from the large


Where does it ship?

The EU & Israel


How should I store the drinks?

Store the tonic in the fridge & the gin in a cool dry place


How long is the tonic good for?

6 months until opening and about 1 month after