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Gin & Tonic Set

Combining herbal crafts from Japan & the middle east to elevate a classic drink.
The Gin & Tonic is an classic cocktail for a reason - it's simple to make and, done right, is refreshing and herbaceous. And with just 2 ingredients, elevating it takes picking the ones that both stand out on their own while blending together.
We've picked these bottles from two special makers that embody artisnal, local spirit because they are both great on their own and even better together.

  • Gin Volume

    Small 200ml or Large 700ml

  • Tonic Flavors

    Herbacious & Floral

  • Tonic Size


Large 700ml Gin Bottle
Small 200ml Gin Bottle

How many drinks can I make?

About 12 from the small and 35 from the large


Where does it ship?

The EU (US coming soon)


How should I store the drinks?

Store the tonic in the fridge & the gin in a cool dry place


How long is the tonic good for?

6 months until opening and about 1 month after


The Makers

The Kyoto Distillery

The Kyoto Distillery

Located in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, the Kyoto Distillery was born out of a vision to use local products to craft one of the world's best gins. Its founders took inspiration from the many craftsmen in the region, some carrying century long tradition, to make a drink that respects and shares the beauty of Kyoto.
Starting with sourcing water from the famed Fushimi region, they hand picked unique local botanicals. From hand-peeling a year’s supply of lemons from nearby Hiroshima Prefecture, to sourcing special yuzu from an octogenarian farmer in the north of Kyoto. Going so far as incorporating tea from Uji, their line of KI NO BI gins embodies a connection to nature and carft.

Stern Licht Tonics

Stern Licht Tonics

Stern Licht ditched the fluorescent lighted classrooms and her BA in economics and accounting, to pursue a masters at the University of Gastronomic Science in northern Italy. Since then, she has managed to run her own restaurant, beat cancer and leave the city hustle in favor of pastoral green landscapes and knowledge that comes with living in nature and working the land.
Nowadays she nurses a small business offering handcrafted tonicsmade from locally sourced plants. She is surrounded by acommunity of local makers trading and gifting one another theirexcess produce, creating a hopeful alternative to the massproduction as seen on corporate shelves. Naama respectfullycollects the land's vegetation, without greed and in constantconnection with the climate. She is a one woman show that ismade possible by an entire community. She is an example tomakers all around, that the culinary sphere holds many differentpaths worth exploring.


The Process

In very different parts of the world, 2 makers follow a similar path. Walking through nature, scouring fields, picking tasting and refining herbs and botanicals that embue water with flavor. After a long journey of distance and time, these products meet each other in a cold glass to create moments of pleasure in every sip.

A remarkable union of natures from different edges of the world
Why We Made It

There's something magical when two very different cultures and terroires can meet so easily, creating something so unique and so familiar at the same time.
Using the classic Gin & Tonic as a medium, we could bring these entire worlds of herbs and botanicals together and giving people a way to explore each one on its own and together. It embodies our belief that distant peoples, cultures and histories can meet and delight in something as simple as a refreshing drink.