Limited Edition

Organic Olive Oil in Handmade Ceramic Bottle

A beautiful hand crafted ceramic bottle made especially for storing and pouring award winning organic olive oil from Rish Lakish.
This limited edition Kaiten collaboration bringing together 2 makers to create an experience and statement about combining hand crafts from different disciplines.

  • Bottle Capacity

    500ml (16oz)

  • Dimensions

    21cm x 7.75cm

  • Weight


Bottle & 500ml oil
Bottle & 2L oil

When does it ship?



How much is shipping?

Shipping is Free


How should I store the oil?

Store the bottle and oil in a cool dry place


What olive oil is it?



The Makers

Rish Lakish
Olive Oil

Rish Lakish

The Noy Meir family have spent deacdes restoring and tending to olive groves in the north of Israel where thousands of trees date back over a millennium. Their organic and handmade methods produce award winning olive oil enjoyed the world over.

Hani Kleinhaus

Hani Kleinhaus

A ceramesist and ceramics teach for nearly 30 years, Hani, mother of 3 children and 3 dogs makes practical pieces by hand on a wheel and using high heat of 1220 degrees.


The Process

Each step of creating the ceramic bottle is done by hand, molded on a wheel, placed in high heat oven and finally painted with a distinctive color ready for use.

A refillable handmade bottle suited for the oil that pours from it
Why We Made It

Most olive oil is used in the same container it's bought in - cans, glass, or worst of all plastic bottles. Ugly, bad for the enviroment and often even for health, we wanted to have a bottle that would respect the same values as the great oil that should go in it.