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Santoku 17cm

A 17cm high carbon niobium steel blade with eucalyptus and brass handle, this hand made knife is currently available in limited quantities.

Free standard delivery to most of Israel and the US.

  • Steel

    Carbon Niobium

  • Blade length


  • Handle

    Eucalyptus & Brass

How much is shipping?

Shipping is Free


How do I clean the knife?

Wash the knife with soap and water


The Process

At his workshop Nuriel toils over every knife, bringing in steels and materials he can forge combined with local wood for the perfect handle.

Sharp, personal and made with passion, these are the knives of choice for many chefs around the world
Why We Love It

Having spent years as a cook, and filled with a passion for culinary arts from fine dining to coffee, Nuriel brings a personal touch to knife making. One informed by his own experiences and inspirations. That makes his knives opinionated and precise for the many tasks of the kitchen.