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Organic Olive Oil

by Rish Lakish

About Organic Olive Oil

The Rish Lakish olive grove and olive oil mill are located in Zippori, a village in the Lower Galilee region. Spread out between ancient archaeological sites and the Israel National Trail, right in the heart of the Jezreel Valley, are 6,000 olive trees, among them 2,500 dating back a millennium. Over the course of four decades the Noy Meir family have carefully restored these trees and with precise harvesting methods produce a pure olive oil rich in history and flavor.

Are the oils organic?



Are there any preservatives in the oil?



How should I store the oil?

Keep the oil in a cool dark place and away from high heat


Where are the olives from?

Ancients trees in and around Tzipori in northern Israel

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    1 - 2 weeks

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    Tel-Aviv, Israel

Box Sets

We've made it easy to explore or gift Rish Lakish's olive oils with these sets that give a taste of the different olives and infusions

Organic Olive Oil

Olive oils made from hand-harvested olives from groves in the north of Israel

Infused Olive Oil

The Rish Lakish infused olive oils are produced using unique methods. After the olives are carefully picked and sorted the team then grounds the olives with the chosen seasoning, using traditional milling methods on a millstone to extract the oil from the fruit. They then pair the extract with an olive variety that will sharpen and intensify each flavor.