Koroneiki 250ml

These fresh unfiltered oils are the pinnacle of the current harvests. They are untouched and are best used immediately for the best tastes.
The Koroneiki olive oil is characterized by its strong, green fruitful flavor. Its aroma resembles notes of freshly cut grass, green almonds, freshly harvested herbs, hints of honey and jasmine flowers, finished with a buttery texture and soft flavors of pecan nuts. Carries high levels of vitamin A and oleic acid.

In 2017 the Rish Lakish Koroneiki Olive Oil won a gold medal in Italy's most significant organic olive oil competition.
The Koroneiki olive oil comes from an organic and biodynamic olive grove spread over 20 dunams neighboring Mount Tabor Nature Reserve on the Tzipori hills.
Medium fruit level, subtly bitter and spicy.
To be used in a leafy green salad, brushed on a pastry or garnished on a bowl of soup.